“Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread."

It is the year 2946 of the Third Age. Five years have passed since the death of the great dragon Smaug the Terrible and the lands east of the Misty Mountains are astir. From the cloud-shrouded peaks above the High Pass to the spider-infested gloom of the forest of Mirkwood, paths long-deserted are trodden once again. Busy merchants carry their wares to new markets, messengers bring tidings from foreign realms, and kings send forth armed men to extend their influence and the rule of law. Some say that a new age of freedom has begun, a time for adventure and great deeds to reclaim glories lost in long centuries of oppression and decline.

But adventures are not really things that people go out and look for. They are dangerous and rarely end well. While it is true that a handful of valiant individuals set out to make their mark on the world, for others it seems that adventure chooses them, as though it is the path they are fated to tread. They are restless warriors, curious scholars and wanderers, always eager to seek what was lost or explore what was forgotten. Ordinary people call them adventurers, and when they return successful, they call them heroes. But if they fail, no one will even remember their names…

In The One Ring Roleplaying Game, you take the part of the heroes of Middle-earth. You will travel the land, uncover its secrets, take part in its unfolding history and encounter its inhabitants and legends. As the Shadow creeps back across the lands of the Free Peoples, you will uncover hints of what is happening, and have the chance to play a part in the struggle against the Enemy.

This website will be used to track the ongoing journey of your Company. The locations you discover, the characters you encounter, and the perils you overcome will be recorded here for your reference. The links to the upper left will allow you to navigate the site as it expands.

“The world is indeed full of peril
and in it there are many dark places.
But still there is much that is fair.
And though in all lands,
love is now mingled with grief,
it still grows, perhaps, the greater."
- Gandalf the Grey

The One Ring

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